DVLA Driving Licence Enquiries Phone Number

0843 116 0011

DVLA Vehicle Enquiries Phone Number

0843 116 0012

DVLA Tax Disc and SORN enquiries Phone Number

0843 116 0013

DVLA Medical enquiries Phone Number(car or motorcycle)

0843 116 0014

DVLA Medical enquiries Phone Number(bus, coach or lorry)

0843 116 0015

DVLA enquiries Registered Office

1 Sandringham Park,
Ground Floor East,
Swansea Vale,
SA6 8AJ.

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About Drivers Licences

A licence is required for driving motorised vehicles on any public road. Public road refers to those roads for which the Local authority, Department of Transport, Environment and Regions are accountable. In Northern Ireland, maintenance of public roads is the responsibility of the department of Environment.

Driving licence types

There are two types of Driving Licences:

  • Provisional driving licence
  • Full Licence

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About Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is essentially evidence that you have paid taxes and fees for driving a car on public roads legally.

Vehicle registration is mandatory, when:

  1. You’ve purchased a new vehicle
  2. Built, rebuilt or altered a vehicle
  3. You’ve imported a vehicle

Depending on the circumstances stated above, you should complete the relevant application forms and send them to your local DVLA office.

Registration for new vehicles

If your vehicle is brand new, imported, a kit car, vintage, classic, radically altered or rebuilt, it may not be registered with the DVLA. Dealers usually arrange for registration when a brand new car is bought, however for all other cases, you should follow the procedure below.

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About Car Tax Disc

There is no need to renew your car tax disc at the post office, you can now submit new applications, renewals and refund requests online in a matter of minutes!

You must tax all of your vehicles in the UK and the tax disc has to be displayed on the front windshield in order to use public roads and motorways. Failure to display a valid UK car tax disc can mean that your vehicle could be confiscated and the owner may be fined a minimum of £1000.

You will often find long queues at either your local post office or DVLA office when the time comes to renew your car tax disc. If you have not brought all of the essential documents or filled out the forms correctly, you will need to start the whole queuing process again, wasting your valuable time. This is not an issue when renewing online as you can apply from the comfort of your own home, while you’re at work or even from your laptop if you are on holiday! Renewals can be started from the fifth day of the month that your disc is due to expire and the last submissions are accepted a day before the expiry.

Using the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), you can now renew your tax disc online, however in order to submit an application you must be a registered keeper of the car. The following are essential details that you’ll need to know before getting started:

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About Medical Enquiries

The role of medial standards and guidelines is to encourage road safety measures in public places. In addition, these guidelines promote safe driving by creating reviews for drivers who have existing medical conditions; these reviews show whether they’ll be able to fulfil the medical requirements which are essential for safe driving.

Valuable medial information for drivers


The following are interesting facts about the effect excessive tiredness or sleepiness have on drivers:

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Direct DVLA Contact Numbers:

DVLA contact number 0843 116 0011 +44 844 306 9203
Vehicle registration 0300 790 6802 +44 300 790 6802
Vehicle tax 0300 790 6802 +44 300 790 6802
Driver licensing enquiries 0300 790 6801 +44 300 790 6801
Drivers’ medical enquiries 0300 790 6806 +44 300 790 6806
Driver Check Service contact 09061 393 837 +44 9061 393 837
Ymholiadau Cymraeg 0300 790 6819 +44 300 790 6819
Vehicle registration and tax with translation 0906 737 0013 +44 906 737 0013
Theory test enquiry 0300 200 1188 +44 300 200 1188
Booking a theory test 0300 200 1122 +44 300 200 1122
DVSA driving test enquiries and booking 0300 200 1122 +44 300 200 1122
MOT, vehicle testing and approval 0300 123 9000 +44 300 123 9000
 Driver CPC 0300 200 1122 +44 300 200 1122